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seeing as this is off topic I thought I make a gaming one favorite games maybe?

Personally my favorite is Planetisde 2 :D it's free to play to boot ;D
and the website can be accessed in school  8) it's a shooter yes but you get tanks, aircraft 3 factions who all fight over 3 continents right now, it's quite new so I want to spread the word within school

A Faulds:
I'm suddenly wondering now if having an Off-Topic board is really the best idea. I have no problems with it myself, it's my web server, I can do what I want with it. However, having it on something called the "Westhill Academy Pupil Council Forums" isn't such a good idea.

Well I put it up to see how people would react, it's a question of control ;D if we can keep spammers and their such out then this would work


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