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Kieran Thomas Rorie:
Regarding the school cafeteria, a number of issues have been raised to me.

> The school doesn't sell cups of tea.
An unusual request I must admit, however a student from my class asked if it were possible for staff to serve tea at break and lunchtimes. She reasoned that they sell coffee, so why not tea?

>There should be Lucozade sold in school.
A student approached me and asked if it were possible for Lucozade to be sold in school. At first I thought about dismissing this idea however he went on to say that he has diabetes and when his blood sugar level is low his doctor said to drink Lucozade. As the school doesn't sell the drink he has to run into the Swimming Pool (which he's not supposed to do anyway) and purchase the drink. What do you think?

>Cheese is more expensive than pasta.
This point of discussion always seems to come back because it really confuses people that cheese sold in the cafeteria is more expensive than pasta (which you get in greater volume). As of yet I have never been able to reason this so any ideas?


We definitley need tea.

Jemma Craig:
I think they could definitely sell tea. Essentially a tea bag and some hot water (optional milk and sugar) doesn't seem unreasonable at all to me. Definitely something to explore :)

As to the lucozade, I can see where the issue lies. But as the school canteen have to abide by government laws, I can see lucozade being under the 'no' list due to it's high sugar contents. The only thing I can think to suggest is that the canteen could possibly keep some juice aside for this boy in case of emergency. Also some might argue the nurse should keep it?

Seems bizarre but the school are unlikely to be 'scamming' us. So it will just be something we all have to accept :P

Jemma Craig:
School already sell tea as I found out when I went to inquire about this. They have tea bags and all you need to do is ask.

Issue Closed.

A Faulds:
Locking thread.


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