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Kieran Thomas Rorie:
A number of students came up to me and requested that there should be a sports spectator stand in the playing fields.

It was my initial response to argue that as the playing fields are not directly associated to Westhill Academy and the fact that it would be costly this could not happen.
However, I felt it best to take it forward nonetheless.


Duncan Mullins:
I agree with that idea but i would personally prefer to have rugby posts put up and a rugby pitch marked for use of all of the teams.

Kieran Thomas Rorie:
Thank you for expressing your views Mr Mullins.

Duncan Mullins:
No problem Mr. Rorie. And you can always look to me for pro-rugby suggestions.

in my opinion we can have it built for both rugby and football, and have stands, look at pittodrie it has been done there  ;D

hope my view helped,
Alexander Vicca


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