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Senior Phase Courses

Details of the courses for S4, 5 and 6 pupils can be accessed below by clicking on the level, N3, N4, N5, H or AH.   (The National levels are equivalent to Foundation, General and Credit Standard  Grade.)  You will see not all courses can be studied at all levels.  We cannot promise that all courses, at all levels, and in all combinations will be available in  the actual timetable running  from June 2015.

Additional information on courses can be found on the SQA site by clicking HERE or about National Courses by clicking HERE ("National in a Nutshell")

Many qualification courses are supported by additional materials through a scheme called Scholar.  Information for parents can be seen by clicking HERE and subjects supported by clicking HERE. Passwords can be obtained from class teachers.

Accounting      N5      H   AH

Administration and IT      N3      N4      N5

Art and Design      N3      N4      N5      H     AHEx AHD  (There are 2 AH options.)

Biology      N3       N4      N5            AH

Business Management      N5      H      AH

Chemistry      N3      N4      N5                AH

Computing and Information Science      N3      N4      N5      H

Design and Manufacture      N4      N5

Drama      N3    N4    N5     H

English     N3     N4     N5         AH

Fashion and Textile Technology     N4      N5

French/German/Spanish      N3      N4      N5           ( Course structure does not vary.)

Geography      N3      N4      N5      H      AH

Graphic Communication      N4      N5      H       AH

Health and Food Technology      N3     N4    N5

History      N3    N4    N5     H      AH

Hospitality - Practical Cookery      N4    N5

Hospitality - Practical Cake Craft   

Life Skills Mathematics  N3    N4    N5  

Mathematics         N4      N5      H        AH

Media Studies     N5       H

Modern Studies      N3    N4    N5      H       AH

Music      N3      N4     N5      H        AH

Physical  Education      N3      N4      N5      H      S6 Development  Unit and Sports Leader Award 

Physics      N3      N4      N5       H        AH

Practical Woodworking       N4      N5

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